Get long-term insights on student success, in one place.

Abre allows teachers and staff to easily see trends over time and pinpoint the right interventions and support for each student.

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Show trends without logging into 30+ apps.

Gradebooks and attendance logs are wiped clean every year. Abre allows teachers and staff to log into ONE tool to see trends over time in academics, wellness, attendance, and more to better support the Whole Child.

Identify at-risk students in seconds, not days.

Eliminate manual efforts to combine reports from siloed apps and tools. Abre automatically updates reports and flags students to alert you when action needs to be taken.

Which type of K-12 data solution is right for you?

We break down the most important questions to ask so you can make the best decision for your school or district.

Have more meaningful conversations with families.

Abre’s Student360™️ centralizes all the information about a child: grades, attendance, behavior, notes from teachers, academic work and portfolio objects, and more—providing access to families and allowing for much more robust, rich conversation between families and schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of decisions can I make with Abre?

We use a step by step approach to help you grow and improve your data in a sustainable, manageable way. In early stages of this process, you can answer questions based on single sources of data, such as “Are assessment scores improving over time?”

As your data gets more sophisticated, we’ll help you layer different sources to answer more complex questions like “Which teacher is having the greatest impact on academic success?”

With answers to these questions, you can understand what’s working and what’s not, to make more confident decisions in where you invest more resources to support student success.

How can Abre make our data more organized?

Abre pulls all of your data into ONE place, eliminating siloed information and allowing stakeholders to see the full picture of a student. Staff and administrators don’t need to log in to several different apps to see the different aspects of student success—it’s all in one easy-to-understand dashboard.

Does Abre allow us to see student historical student data?

Yes! Traditionally, teachers and staff only see things like gradebooks or behavior reports that are wiped clean at the end of the semester. With Abre, stakeholders can see historical data to better understand where students are starting from at the beginning of each year or semester and tailor their support accordingly.

How quickly and easily can we see a dashboard with our data?

We’ll get you up and running with an actionable data dashboard within 30 days of starting with Abre.

With Abre, are my staff able to easily identify at-risk students?

Yes! In Abre, you’ll be able to set thresholds in order to flag At-Risk students based on different factors such as attendance, behavior, grades, wellness, and so on—making it easy to take proactive measures to support students.

How can Abre help us have more meaningful conversations with families?

With the Student360™, families get access to a full picture of what’s going on with their child, allowing for more robust, rich conversation, buy-in, and family engagement in supporting student success.

How does Abre ensure that our students’ data is secure?

Abre complies with FERPA, and we follow industry best practices such as:

  • Secure transit encryption of all data
  • Storage encryption of key data
  • Regular security audits
  • Store data in secure data centers

How long has Abre been around?

Abre’s roots are with a large school in southwest Ohio. Our cofounders started the Abre platform in 2014. In 2018 we started as a company and now serve hundreds of districts in 9 states and 2 countries.