Behavior & Discipline

Track, address, and improve behavior with data.

From early data insights to improved outcomes, get one platform to promote positive student behaviors and equitability.

Abre gives you the tools to improve behavior outcomes.

Capture and collect behaviors

Abre allows schools and districts to replace often misplaced paper referral forms with a digital and automated workflow.

Teachers and administrators spend less time writing or reviewing referrals, all while ensuring each stakeholder has the ability to monitor a student’s behavior over time.

Organized behavior tracking

Go from the first report of an incident to closing the loop.

Track positive and negative incident types, locations, and responses that are relevant to you. With Abre Behavior, you can have a single line of sight into classroom management and formal office referrals.

Monitor and verify progress

Leverage real-time behavior insights to improve school safety and climate.

Answer questions such as: What time of day do most incidents occur and in what locations? Which Staff need classroom support?

Analyze behavior trends over time

From quarter to quarter, and year to year, determine if your behavior and culture initiatives are working to equitably promote positive behaviors and reduce negative ones.

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  • The Abre team are educators, and they're right there supporting you along the way. As you're designing and working through the best needs for your district, they'll make it happen for you.

    Melissa Prohaska, Curriculum Coordinator at Middletown City School

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