Increase Stakeholder Engagement

Engage families and partners in education.

Support for the Whole Child can’t happen in a silo. K-12 stakeholders need the full picture to improve student outcomes.

Turn disengaged stakeholders into education partners.


In Abre, students play an active role in working towards both their academic and well-being goals starting with full visibility into their real-time grades, learning & graduation progress. Students have the ability to enroll in courses, sign up for partner programs, submit artifacts for graduation plans, and more — all from one platform.

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From Abre, families play an active role in their student’s educational journey. With the same login, they can get a full picture of their child’s wellness and academic progress and how to connect them with supports to improve outcomes.

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Using Abre, school staff can see how groups of students are progressing towards their goals, and which students need additional help. In the same platform, staff can assign intervention plans such as RTI plans and monitor improvements.

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In Abre, administrators can see district-level data customized to their needs, such as strategic plans and goals. Within the same platform, create proactive plans to help achieve those goals and monitor how plans are affecting student outcomes with real-time data.

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Community partners use Abre to see the whole picture surrounding a child, so they can work with a student more effectively, and give them more personalized attention. Partners log attendance and participation, helping gain visibility into partner impact on student outcomes.

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Involve the whole learning community in student success.

See how Abre gets all stakeholders engaged in supporting the Whole Child.

Loved by these districts

Family engagement is proven to grow student outcomes.

Increased participation in school-related physical activity

Higher grades and test scores

Unlock Stakeholder Potential

Just as much as teachers and staff, families and partners have the power to affect student success and improve outcomes — they just may not know how.

Abre gives them the data and insights to know how they can contribute.

Get Families Involved

Students are more likely to succeed if families are engaged in their learning.

Abre makes it easy for families to support the Whole Child with an intuitive environment and full access to their child’s information.