Give families full transparency of their child’s success.

Finally, families can see year over year visualized data to learn how their child is performing academically, behaviorally, and emotionally for a clear picture of how they can support their success.

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Translate student success into terms families can understand.

Sending families a mailer with a child’s “RIT score” on it doesn’t tell them how their kid’s actually doing. Provide families with clear, easy-to-understand visualizations of their child’s performance and well-being.

Get families more involved.

Students are more likely to succeed if families are engaged in their learning. With a one stop shop for announcements, permission slips, partner program enrollment, and student data, Abre makes it easy for families to support the Whole Child.

Show long-term trends and results.

Seeing a report card once a semester isn’t enough for families to understand how their kids are doing. Abre allows families to see trends over time in academics, wellness, attendance, and more.

Which type of K-12 data solution is right for you?

We break down the most important questions to ask so you can make the best decision for your school or district.

Communicate seamlessly with families.

Abre allows schools to reach more families and give greater visibility into their children’s activity so that families can play a bigger role in supporting student success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly and easily can we see a dashboard with our data?

We’ll get you up and running with an actionable data dashboard within 30 days of starting with Abre.

How easy is it for families to log in and understand Abre?

Very easy—with single sign on, families can log in using their existing Google, MIcrosoft or Facebook accounts. When they’re in the platform, the experience is tailored to exactly what’s important to them: relevant announcements and news, a 360 view of what’s happening with their child, and additional resources that can help them stay engaged in their child’s success.

Data is visualized in an easy-to-understand way, using language and terms that are meaningful to family members and don’t require an education expert or data scientist to comprehend.

How can Abre allow families to be more involved in their child’s learning?

With a one stop shop for announcements, permission slips, partner program enrollment, and student data, Abre makes it easy for families to support student success. Families no longer have to log into multiple apps or sort through stacks of flyers, permission slips, and other communication from schools. We know that family engagement has a significant impact on student success, so it’s our goal to break down any barriers we can to make it easier for families to get involved.

Can Abre allow families to see their child’s development over time?

Yes! Abre shows long-term data so that stakeholders can see progress over the entirely of a student’s academic career, rather than wiping the slate clean every semester or school year.

How does Abre ensure that student data is secure?

Abre complies with FERPA, and we follow industry best practices such as:

  • Secure transit encryption of all data
  • Storage encryption of key data
  • Regular security audits
  • Store data in secure data centers

How long has Abre been around?

Abre’s roots are with a large school in southwest Ohio. Our cofounders started the Abre platform in 2014. In 2018 we started as a company and now serve hundreds of districts globally.