Career Tech

Set students on course for successful careers.

One platform to help students on their pathway to graduation and prepare them with career and technical education.

Meet a comprehensive platform for all of CTE.

Work-based learning partners

Bring all your learning partners under one data roof, with full access to the students they support.

A single source of truth for all participating schools and districts

With all stakeholders getting access to complete data on one platform, making confident decisions for CTE programs and learning becomes easier.

Track evidence of learning

With Abre, districts can see the full picture of a CTE program through student portfolios. Portfolios are central to our Student Success (sometimes called “Portrait of a Graduate”) framework.

Tailor plans to student goals

Support students by creating plans that help them achieve their CTE plans. With Abre, plans are fully customizable to meet student needs and goals, and can be easily accessed by staff, students, and family members.

Create, deliver, and host learnings

Use Abre’s curriculum and learning capabilities to help students achieve their CTE goals, or equip teachers and stakeholders to better support students in their educational journeys.

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  • The Abre team are educators, and they're right there supporting you along the way. As you're designing and working through the best needs for your district, they'll make it happen for you.

    Melissa Prohaska, Curriculum Coordinator at Middletown City School

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