Whole Child

Supporting the Whole Child goes deeper than grades

Whole child education practices require a whole child data lens.

Abre goes deeper than grades to support the Whole Child.

CASEL framework alignment

Abre aligns 100% with CASEL’s framework of 10 indicators of schoolwide wellness initiatives to ensure high-quality, systemic implementation that enhances students’ social, emotional, and academic learning.

Involve community partners

Use data to connect students with community partners that hold the key to unlocking student potential.

See the full picture

Students don’t lead compartmentalized lives. With centralized data on attendance, behavior, and social-emotional health surveys, all stakeholders can get a complete picture of a student and how to help them.

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  • Abre allows us to see the whole picture: what a student is doing with their grades, their attendance, their behavioral marks. That way, when we connect a partner to that student, we make sure we’re connecting the RIGHT partner to that student.

    - Casey Fisher, Cincinnati Public Schools

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