Student Well-being

Foster well-being from actionable insights.

Get a full picture of the Whole Child with real-time data, integrated surveys, behavior records, and academics.

Abre does ALL of student well-being to support the Whole Child.

Eliminate the bias with data-backed assessments.

Abre has partnered with SSIS CoLab to provide multi-informant (student, staff advisor, and family advisor) assessments and interventions created by an evidence-backed approach.

Get the whole community involved.

It takes a village to support the Whole Child. Abre connects families, staff, admin, and community partners in one place with customizable access so everyone has transparency on how to best support students, together.

See the whole picture.

Student360™ dashboards consolidates relevant data on all aspects of the Whole Child to help stakeholders identify data-driven proactive measures and interventions you can take today to promote student success both in and out of the classroom.

Align with proven industry standards.

Abre aligns 100% with CASEL’s framework of 10 indicators of schoolwide wellness initiatives to ensure high-quality, systemic implementation that enhances students’ social, emotional, and academic learning.

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Avoid crucial mistakes in your student well-being program.

Student well-being is more than just assessments and surveys—getting it right involves lots of moving pieces and different stakeholders.

Download our free guide to learn the top mistakes to avoid to ensure you’re supporting the Whole Child.

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