You focus on student outcomes. We’ll handle the rest.

Abre centralizes K-12 student data so you can hone in on what’s working and what’s not. Our Data-as-a-Service approach frees up you and your staff to focus on improving student outcomes instead of wrangling spreadsheets.


A K-12 data platform + the guidance to maximize it.


    Abre serves as a single source of truth, centralizing all your data in the Student360 so you can see deeper insights.


    We offer a completely customized experience, and will track and visualize the data points that are most impactful for your district.


    With Abre, we work together to centralize K-12 data from the tools you love, as well as natively within the platform to provide the most robust insights without overwhelming your school’s existing workflows.


    Get expert advice on everything from making your data actionable to implementing frameworks like MTSS.

Here's what you get with Data-as-a-Service

Abre not only creates custom dashboards for your district, we also handle all the data management that goes with it — so you can focus on improving student outcomes while we take data off your plate.



No need to rip and replace. Abre integrates with your existing apps and tools to pull data into one centralized spot so you can take action.



We take the heavy lifting off your plate by collecting and storing your data in our secure servers.



As your partner, we keep your data secure with the latest industry best practices so you never have to worry about FERPA compliance or keeping your students' data safe.



We'll help you ensure the right people are seeing the right data with custom permission levels for the stakeholders in your learning community.



We know what works and what doesn't from our experience working with other schools. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, we'll show you how to get what you need from your data, the first time.



Your data is useless if stakeholders can't understand what it's telling them. We help you visualize and communicate your data effectively to your learning community.

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  • The Abre team are educators, and they're right there supporting you along the way. As you're designing and working through the best needs for your district, they'll make it happen for you.

    Melissa Prohaska, Curriculum Coordinator at Middletown City School

  • Whatever your district goals, Abre can help you make sense of the data you need.

    Supercharge the impact of your MTSS interventions.

    Don’t guess how well your interventions are working, measure them. Track student behavior and academic progression to see what’s making a real impact—and what’s not.

    • Identify at-risk students
    • Build and disseminate student plans
    • Connect students with partners and interventions
    • Monitor what is and isn’t working
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    “Abre has provided the district with the data needed IN ONE LOCATION to make decision for our MTSS data.”

    - Ellen Adkins, Superintendent
    Dawson-Bryant Local School District, Ohio

    Track, address, and improve behavior with data.

    From early data insights to improved outcomes, get one platform to promote positive student behaviors and equitability.

    • Capture and collect behaviors natively
    • Go from first report to closing the loop
    • Real-time behavior insights to drive effective change
    • Analyze trends over time
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    “Abre is a game changer when it comes to early warning. The system allows us to see students who need support in attendance, behavior, course work, testing, and wellness all in one place.”

    - Jamie Shields, Curriculum/Instruction Coordinator
    Chesapeake UEVSD, Ohio

    Get total clarity on your students’ path to graduation.

    Abre gives you a clear, accurate picture of students’ progress toward achieving graduation readiness standards, over the course of their whole academic career.

    • Tailor and track skills through a student’s academic career
    • Give students agency over their growth
    • Customize badges to track graduation readiness
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    “Abre has become a true one-stop shop for all student data. Now with the addition of Insights we can begin to look at data in cross-platforms that was never an option before.”

    - Deann Burns - Director of Technology
    Kings Local Schools, OHIO

    Turn families into partners.

    Students learn best in connected communities. That’s why Abre helps turn families into partners with timely transparency into their child’s success and the ability to take action to improve outcomes.

    • Families see the full picture in one place
    • Share trend data over time with families
    • Promote intervention opportunities
    • Seamless communication in one spot
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    “Abre is streamlining sources of information so that teachers can work more efficiently at connecting with our families.”

    - Laura Spencer, Chief Academic Innovation Officer
    Elite Academic Academy, CA

    Abre engages your whole learning community.

    Click on each stakeholder to learn more.


    In Abre, students play an active role in working towards both their academic and well-being goals starting with full visibility into their real-time grades, learning & graduation progress. Students have the ability to enroll in courses, sign up for partner programs, submit artifacts for graduation plans, and more — all from one platform.

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    From Abre, families play an active role in their student’s educational journey. With the same login, they can get a full picture of their child’s wellness and academic progress and how to connect them with supports to improve outcomes.

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    Using Abre, school staff can see how groups of students are progressing towards their goals, and which students need additional help. In the same platform, staff can assign intervention plans such as RTI plans and monitor improvements.

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    In Abre, administrators can see district-level data customized to their needs, such as strategic plans and goals. Within the same platform, create proactive plans to help achieve those goals and monitor how plans are affecting student outcomes with real-time data.

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    Community partners use Abre to see the whole picture surrounding a child, so they can work with a student more effectively, and give them more personalized attention. Partners log attendance and participation, helping gain visibility into partner impact on student outcomes.

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    Which type of K-12 data solution is right for you?

    We break down the most important questions to ask so you can make the best decision for your school or district.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of decisions can we make with Abre?

    We use a step by step approach to help you grow and improve your data in a sustainable, manageable way. In early stages of this process, you can answer questions based on single sources of data, such as “Which partner programs have the highest participation?” or “What are our assessment scores?”

    As your data gets more sophisticated, we’ll help you layer different sources to answer more complex questions like “Which students are At-Risk and why?” or “Is student wellness impacting academics?”

    With answers to these questions, you can understand what’s working and what’s not, to make more confident decisions in where you invest more resources to support student success.

    How can Abre make our data more organized?

    Abre pulls all of your data into ONE place, eliminating siloed information and allowing stakeholders to see the full picture of a student. Staff and administrators don’t need to log in to several different apps to see the different aspects of student success—it’s all in one easy-to-understand dashboard.

    How quickly and easily can we see a dashboard with our data?

    We’ll get you up and running with an actionable data dashboard within 30 days.

    Who can access Abre?

    Abre’s mission is to open data and information to the WHOLE learning community. That means not only can your administration team access Abre, but so can partners, families, staff, and students—so everyone has access to the information they need to support student success.

    How much change management is involved?

    Access and permissions are customizable, so you’re in control of how and when you roll out the platform to other stakeholders. We typically work with administrators to get started and ensure they understand the system and data. Then we can work with you to help develop a smooth rollout plan to teachers, other staff members, partners, and families.

    How does Abre ensure that our students’ data is secure?

    Abre complies with FERPA, and we follow industry best practices such as:

    • Secure transit encryption of all data
    • Storage encryption of key data
    • Regular security audits
    • Store data in secure data centers

    What if my district isn't ready for Abre, but the leadership team wants to leverage data visualizations, is that possible?

    Absolutely! Indeed, we specializing in growing with districts and providing the necessary supports to best fit their needs. Starting with data visualizations is a great way to empower leadership with Abre.

    How long has Abre been around?

    Abre’s roots are with a large school in southwest Ohio. Our cofounders started the Abre platform in 2014. In 2018 we started as a company and now serve hundreds of districts globally.