Portrait of a Graduate

Get total clarity on your students’ path to graduation.

Abre gives you a clear, accurate picture of students’ progress toward achieving graduation readiness standards, over the course of their whole academic career.

Get the data you need to drive meaningful skill development.

Customize badges

Create badges to define and track your students’ graduation readiness, customizable to align with your schools’ specific competencies.

Tailor and track skills throughout a child’s academic career.

Competencies and skills can be tied to specific grade bands to allow for tracking progress incrementally as a child grows— from kindergarten to graduation.

Give students ownership over their growth.

Students equate real learning experiences and curriculum with the development of the skills and competencies your school has defined as important for graduation readiness.

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Define, Quantify, and Track Graduation Readiness

Set a time to get guidance on managing the entire Portrait of a Graduate framework in one place to drive better outcomes: