Make Confident Decisions

Move forward with confident, data-informed decisions.

An educator’s experience, gut feelings, and personal instinct can be valuable tools for decision-making — but they shouldn’t replace data.

Macro-level insights to inform your decisions.

Visualize data at district & building levels to determine the best use of resources—and see the impact of your decisions in real-time.

Micro-level insights to help each student.

With full visibility into student grades, learning & graduation plans, partner programs, and more, get a picture of the Whole Child and how to support their well-being.

Use data to positively impact student outcomes.

See how Abre can make impactful, data-informed action easy.

Loved by these districts

What are superintendents saying about data?


feel that if they had better access to information, they would be more confident with decisions.


believe schools should securely share information about a student’s academic needs with trusted partners.

Better Decisions Start with Better Data

With Abre’s dashboards, you’ll have the data you need in order to validate your decisions, justify priorities, and reduce friction in the decision-making process.

Track, Adjust, Course Correct

Before Abre, it might have taken weeks of data gathering and analyzing to find out if the right decision was made.

Abre gives you complete data in real-time, so if a student or part of your community continues to underachieve or struggle, you’ll see it and make adjustments right away.

Empower English Learners

Track the progress and outcomes of ELLs across grades and buildings, so you can provide the support they need to succeed.

Keep Students on Track to Graduate

At a glance, see how your students are progressing towards graduation by monitoring plans and outcomes at the student and district levels.