Student Plans

Centralized, data-informed student plans.

Enable all stakeholders to access Student Plans in context of learning.

Access a full range of planning capabilities on one platform.

Streamline intervention documentation process.

Boost impact and efficiency with all plan data in one place.

Use a single platform to monitor and report plan impact and plan completion. Uncover intersections between plans and academic and non-academic initiatives.

Turn paper plans into actionable data

Improve data collection and analysis by centralizing your plan data alongside other critical measures of student learning experience. Monitor the whole child to ensure maximum success.

Utilize a range of plans

Districts leverage student plans to efficiently create and monitor a number of plan types, including Written Education Plans (WEPs), Wellness Action Plans (WAPS), Reading Improvement and Monitoring Plans (RIMPs), Intervention Plans, and much more.

Plan templates are completely customizable and can be created to meet the needs of your district.

Access for stakeholders

Plans are accessible to ALL relevant learning community stakeholders, such as district leaders, staff, and family members, so that supports, services, and growth can be easily and transparently monitored over time.

Time savings and easy revisions

Integrations within Abre mean you can view student plans without leaving a student profile. Teachers and staff will spend less time looking for a plan, and more time adjusting their instruction.

After plans have been set, track who made changes and restore previous versions if needed.

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  • The Abre team are educators, and they're right there supporting you along the way. As you're designing and working through the best needs for your district, they'll make it happen for you.

    Melissa Prohaska, Curriculum Coordinator at Middletown City School

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