Do you know if your technology investments are impacting student outcomes?


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Get a clear understanding of the impact your tech is having on student success, where your dollars are being spent, and whether your staff is actually using the tools you're buying .

Get key insights into how your staff views your district's tech:


think interoperability should improve


think family engagement should be better with their software solutions


think their district's curriculum tools need improvement

Align your technology investments with what will impact students most.

With Abre's Student360® Technology Assessment, you'll get:

An understanding of what the current impact is of your tech on students and staff

Visibility on the gaps & weaknesses in your current tech stack

Satisfaction levels amongst staff and families with the technology they use

Insight into staff needs related to technology

A clear picture of where your technology budget is going

A full summary on your district's unique tech stack and needs

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Learn vital insights into staff needs

"We need a data warehouse -- with a single sign on -- that will support all assessments (summative, formative, state, SAT, AP, etc.)

It would be great
 to have curriculum software that housed all assessment maps, courses of study, pacing guides, etc.


Most K-12 admin...

Don't know how much is being spent on EdTech.

Spend money on tools that don't drive student success.

Can't easily correlate the impact of technologies to student success.

We can help 
with that.

Abre's Student360™ Technology Assessment is a free analysis that brings you both quantitative and qualitative insights around your school's tools.

One of our team members will be in touch shortly after receiving your request to schedule a kick-off call.

Through 2 separate surveys, we gather both quantitative and qualitative insight from multiple stakeholders (admin, teachers, & tech directors) to get a complete picture of your tech's impact.

You get a thorough report consolidating feedback from your team and answering questions like:

  • What tools & apps are being purchased?
  • What's the level of satisfaction with these in the learning community?
  • How much do they cost?
  • Do they align to our strategic plan & goals?
  • Are they affecting student outcomes?

One of our K-12 technology experts will meet with you and your team to walk through the implications of your results. You'll get recommendations for how to fill gaps and needs in your schools' current tech. 


Meet our technology experts.

Chris Rose

Zach Vander Veen

Co-Founder | SVP of Product 
and Technology

As a former high school math teacher, Chris taught Algebra and Pre-Calculus and understands the challenges of the classroom. Chris has a passion for providing educators with good design, engineering, and development to help them better serve students.

Co-Founder | SVP of Innovation 
and Outcomes

Zach's worn many hats in education including History Teacher, Technology Coach, Administrator, and Director of Technology. Zach loves learning, teaching, traveling, and seeking adventures with his family.

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$462,000 saved in one district's tech budget

15 apps 
consolidated on average

$15-25 saved per student on average


How does the Student360® Tech Assessment work?

You will be given two assessments. The first assessment is completed by someone on your team who knows what has been purchased and how much money is invested. The second assessment is for your leadership team and examines your technology through these core questions:

  • How are your software tools affecting student outcomes?
  • Do these tools align to your schools strategic plans and goals?
  • How much do these tools and applications cost?
  • What level of satisfaction does your entire learning community (staff, students, and families) have with these tools and applications?

How much time will the assessment take?

The first assessment can take up to 90 minutes. The second assessment, taken by your leadership team, can take between 15 to 30 minutes.

Will our school save money with a technology assessment?

It is very likely that your school will be able to save money after an assessment. We tend to see cost savings between $15 to $25 per student depending on the use case. Most importantly, we provide data to school to make informed decisions on their software stack.

What deliverables will I receive with this assessment?

You will receive a detailed report that can be used with your leadership team and/or learning community. This report will provide results of the assessments and offer observations and recommendations.

You will also receive a presentation that covers the results and recommendations.

Do we have any obligations with this technology assessment?

Yes. We’d kindly ask that if you agree to the assessment, you have your stakeholders complete the assessment. We also ask for final meeting to review the results and answer any questions.

Do we need to buy Abre in order to do an assessment?

No! Our mission is first and foremost to help learning communities support the Whole Child. We’re happy to provide this information in the hopes that it will benefit the students in your schools, regardless of your decision to engage with Abre's solutions.

Who created these technology assessments?

We have a leadership team with more than 60 years of combined experience running district software purchases, deployments, and training. The assessment was designed by our experts with knowledge not only of education software, but how pedagogy and teaching should be properly supported by software.

An example of one district's staff feedback:

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