Partner Management Solution

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The Partner Management solution creates a valuable connection between the school and its community.

Create a catalog of all your community learning partners and programs.

Simplify the process of matching students to community partnerships.


Sharing data between your schools and learning partners is critical to improving programs.

Because student data security is a top priority, consent must be provided to share data.

Take attendance in partner programs.

It’s critical to know your students who are enrolled in a partner program. Abre goes a step further and allows attendance to be taken and shared back to the school.

Organize by service categories and goals.

Assign specific service categories and goals to a community partner in order to assure they are covering a variety of student’s needs.

Understand the full picture.

Gain the full picture of your student’s growth, both inside and outside the classroom.

The Partner Management solution brings the community into the school to support student growth

For Administrators

  • Capture student attendance data
  • Allow partners access to consented data
  • Track partner service areas and goals
  • Searchable database of partners
  • Access community partner reports

For Partners

  • Access relevant student data to track growth
  • Take student attendance

For Students & Families

  • One place to access student data
  • Discover programs available to your student
  • Create digital portfolios
  • Receive communications from your school