Supercharge your Community Schools.

Abre centralizes student data, finds partners, and connects all your stakeholders to maximize the impact of your initiatives.

Open and Connect Your Community

Connect Your Community

Connect students, families, partners, staff, and administration in one centralized hub for streamlined communication and insights

See the Full Picture

Aggregate all data in the Student360™ so you can make proactive decisions to better support student success

Take a Holistic Approach

Focusing on supporting the WHOLE Child instead of just what happens in the classroom

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One Dashboard. One Complete Picture. All Stakeholders.

Abre's Student360™ gives teachers, families, administrators, and partners access to the info they need to support the whole child.

  • At Cincinnati Public Schools we focus on serving the Whole Child, and Abre has allowed us to see the whole picture: what that student is doing with their grades, their attendance — even in their behavioral marks.

    Casey Fisher | Cincinnati Public Schools

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