Improve access for each and every student.

Abre acts as the central access point of Community Schools to level the playing field for ALL students to improve their well-being and academic health.

Provide better student support with seamless partner program integration and wellness strategies.

  • Easily connect students & families with social & health services partners that meet their needs
  • Employ frameworks like MTSS to reduce punitive disciplinary actions

Maximize wrap-around programs to enhance student success outcomes.

  • Streamline communication with families for no-hassle sign-ups and permissions
  • Connect partner programs to easily manage attendance and student records
Facilitate community awareness of programs available before and after school.

Bring families and community members into the school with shared decision-making power in children's education.

  • Simplify communication between families, partners, students, and the school with one centralized hub for everything
  • Empower families to access community programs like ESL or computer skills classes

Build a culture of shared responsibility in your learning community.

  • Provide ongoing professional learning opportunities for school staff
  • Ensure consistency and alignment by managing all school & community organizations from one centralized place
  • Get insights and determine impact with centralized data aggregation

Set your Community Schools up for long-term success.

Learn the 8 questions you need to answer to foster better student outcomes in your Community Schools.
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One Dashboard. One Complete Picture. All Stakeholders.

Abre's Student360™ gives teachers, families, administrators, and partners access to the info they need to support the whole child.

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  • At Cincinnati Public Schools we focus on serving the Whole Child, and Abre has allowed us to see the whole picture: what that student is doing with their grades, their attendance — even in their behavioral marks.

    Casey Fisher | Cincinnati Public Schools

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