The Hub

hubThe Hub

The Hub is the core of the Abre Platform. Think of it as an operating system. Everything in Abre runs on the hub.

Controlling the Start of the Narrative

Customized Announcements

Share news in a common location!

Once you set Abre to be your device homepage, announcements allow you to share updates, logistics and other important information with staff, students and family members.

Headlines that Capture 100% of the Attention

Headlines are ways to capture a user’s attention. They’re announcements on steroids and help schools obtain full compliance on important information. Users must review the information before they can move into other areas of Abre.


Shortcuts are links to other 3rd party websites and apps. You can create shared shortcuts or create individual shortcuts.

Abre Apps

Abre Apps perform particular school functions. For example, the Assessment App runs, creates, and delivers assessments. The Plans App allows schools to develop education plans for students AND professional plans for teachers.

Abre has numerous apps that talk with each other and support many of the functions of the school and the community.


Widgets present summary information about Abre Apps on the home page.