Insights App

insightsInsights App

Consolidate and visualize your data at scale. Develop a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges your students face. Equip your stakeholders with actionable, data-backed insights to drive Whole Child success.

Make Proactive, Data–Driven Decisions

Access Robust School-Wide Analytics

Get comprehensive data dashboards tailored for all stakeholders in the learning community for leaders and administrators, featuring diverse data categories like academics, well-being, behavior, and more. Get the most out of your data via direct integrations with many third-party tools such as assessments, digital learning, and gradebooks.

Visualize What Matters Most with Customizable Filters

View and refine data with an intuitive dashboard based on tailored permission levels. Filter by endless criteria such as date ranges, grade-levels, student groups, and more. Abre does the heavy lifting, so you can spend time understanding what matters.

Act Upon District-Wide Academic, Wellness, Behavior and Administrative Data

Understanding the Whole Child is about more than just academics. Multi-faceted data allows you to respond with timely interventions at a student or group level. Track successes and drive action through the most robust student database in K-12.