Meet educators turned entrepreneurs, driven by data.

Abre was created by former educators and technology directors turned data experts. Our team has been in your shoes. We’re acutely aware of the headaches that come with K-12 data management because we’ve experienced them ourselves.

That’s why we created Abre, a K-12 Data-as-a-Service solution that is both a platform AND a partnership. We do all of the heavy lifting of consolidating your data and making it actionable.

So you can focus on what matters most: your students.

We're redefining K-12 data with Data-as-a-Service.

Most providers just give you the tech. With Abre, you get our tech and our whole team. We're with you every step of the way to provide consultative guidance on everything from MTSS implementation to defining at-risk students through dimensional dashboards.

Our solution is both a platform and a partnership. With our phased approach, we ensure change is manageable and a strong foundation is laid long-term.

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Our Values

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    Be Open

    We love and encourage new ideas, learnings, and connections that lead to better outcomes

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    Client Obsessed

    We’re not just proximate to those we serve, but we engage in active listening to shape what we do next

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    Innovation Driven

    We’re not afraid to experiment or fail and strive to deliver new value to the market frequently

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    Exceed Expectations

    We flourish when we overdeliver on our promises for external and internal partners

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    Always Transparent

    Growth occurs when stakeholders are trusted and empowered with knowledge they need to thrive

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    Constantly Flexible

    Like our platform, we’re adaptive to the ever evolving market and those that depend on us


Empower ALL members of a child's learning community with the data they need to support student outcomes.

Grades are just one indicator of how a student is doing. Layering other crucial data points like attendance, behavior, and social-emotional health gives you a much clearer picture of a student's well-being, so you can better support the Whole Child. All stakeholders get permissioned access to the platform.

See how Abre benefits all stakeholders:

Don’t just collect student data, act on it.

Visualize your data at district & building levels to determine impactful resource allocation and initiatives—and see the impact of your decisions show up in your data in real time.

See trends without logging into 30+ apps.

Typically, gradebooks and attendance are wiped clean every year. Abre allows teachers and staff to log into ONE tool to see trends over time in academics, wellness, attendance, and more to better support the Whole Child.

Get families more involved.

Students are more likely to succeed if families are engaged in their learning. With a one stop shop for announcements, permission slips, partner program enrollment, and student data, Abre makes it easy for families to know exactly how their children are doing.

Ensure program longevity.

Get clear data that decisively shows which partner programs work and have an impact on students, so important funding decisions can take these results into account.

Define and track progress toward personalized goals.

Outline what’s needed to reach students’ goals in academics, career readiness, and social-emotional skill building, and empower students to take an active role in managing their progress toward them.

  • At Cincinnati Public Schools we focus on serving the Whole Child, and Abre has allowed us to see the whole picture: what that student is doing with their grades, their attendance — even in their behavioral marks.

    Casey Fisher | Cincinnati Public Schools

  • Company Leadership

    We are educators and technologists with decades of experience in both the classroom and the boardroom.

    • Hardik Desai


      As managing partner at Jumpstart Ventures, Hardik has spent 15+ years in the startup ecosystem in Ohio as a tech founder and an investor. Hardik leads all aspects of investing including due diligence, portfolio management, and fund management. Before joining JumpStart Ventures, Hardik co-founded IR Diagnostyx, a diagnostic test startup in Columbus Ohio.

    • Kelly Havens

      SVP of Finance & Operations

      Fueled by helping technology companies maximize their growth and impact opportunity, Kelly has spent 15 years leading finance and operations teams at some of the most successful organizations. As a native to the Pacific Northwest, Kelly enjoys staying active outdoors with her family and enjoying a good glass of wine while reading a great book.

    • Ashley Keating


      Ashley is the CFO of CincyTech and helps venture-backed companies navigate from seed through growth stage. As a working mom, she is well aware of the messy edtech experience most parents and teachers have to navigate. She's excited for Abre being well-positioned to simplify edtech for all stakeholders.

    • Nicole King

      SVP of Business Development | Former Educator

      With more than 20 years of experience as an educator and EdTech leader, Nicole is a passionate advocate for change and innovation. Nicole embraces opportunities to partner with local, state, and national leaders to ensure each and every student is set up for success in school and life. Nicole loves mentoring women of color, traveling, and spending time with her family.

    • Christie Madsen

      SVP of Client Experience | Former Elementary Teacher

      Christie is a former elementary and middle school teacher who has spent more than a decade building and scaling customer-facing teams. She's inspired to support educators effectively leverage technology to solve real and pressing challenges with a sharp focus on driving customer outcomes and surpassing expectations. In her free time, she enjoys staying active in the Utah mountains, rivers, and parks with her family, listening to a variety of podcast genres, and reading a good thriller.

    • Paula Reed


      Paula is the President & CEO of BizEducation Consulting, Inc. where she helps EdTech companies strategize and scale success across their go-to-market, sales, and marketing functions. Previously she held leadership positions at Discovery Education, Educational Services of America, and University of Maryland. She resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband, Tony. When she's not consulting EdTech companies she enjoys ready, traveling, and spending time with family.

    • Chris Rose

      Co-Founder | SVP of Product | Board | Former High School Teacher

      As a former high school math teacher, Chris taught Algebra and Pre-Calculus and understands the challenges of the classroom. Chris has a passion for providing educators with good design, engineering, and development to help them better serve students.

    • James Stoffer

      CEO | Board

      With a passion of leading and scaling social impact companies, James has spent nearly 20 years in education technology. James loves coaching, learning, traveling, skiing, and making awesome memories with friends and family.

    • Zach Vander Veen

      Co-Founder | SVP of Innovation and Outcomes | Former Teacher, Tech Director

      Zach's worn many hats in education including History Teacher, Technology Coach, Administrator, and Director of Technology. Zach loves learning, teaching, traveling, and seeking adventures with his family.