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Most Student Wellbeing programs only address the tip of the iceberg.

Truly effective student wellbeing is so much more than SEL.

What can Abre Student Well-being do for you?

Abre connects everyone and everything in one place so everyone can do what’s best for the whole child.

  • Get a picture of the whole child with real-time data, integrated surveys, behavior records, and academics
  • Connect your apps and data in one place to make school management simple
  • Families can easily monitor student progress, communications, and announcements

Abre removes the frustration of messy, disjointed applications.

  • No more frustration with juggling multiple edtech solutions
  • Connect what’s already working with new Abre apps through an all-ON-one platform
  • Teachers need just one app to teach a class, not 25+

Abre connects more students and families to partner programs and resources.

  • Streamline access to community partner programs for students, educators, and families
  • Collect data and manage programs in one place
  • Uncover insights about your programs’ impact and success

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The best evidence-based solution for student well-being

See how Abre’s integration with SSIS CoLab brings unbiased wellness assessments to your picture of the whole child

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Abre opens doors between students, families, school, and the community to better support the whole child.

  • Teachers get visibility into tier 2 & 3 support for their students through community partners
  • Parents get visibility into their child’s learning plans to encourage engagement
  • Administrators get visibility into insights that take into account more than just academics

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Abre Student Wellbeing Pricing



  • Full access to Learn, Partners, Behavior, Plans, & Forms apps
  • One central hub where ALL stakeholders (families, partners, students, & staff) do school
  • Easy reporting to draw insights on the whole child

*Price may vary depending on term length, bundled apps, and other payment factors.

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