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With most large districts having 500+ partners, do you really know each program’s impact?

With Abre, you finally can.

Families report a 67% increase in anxiety & depression among children during the pandemic

Abre connects your students to community mental health resources for the support they need to decrease anxiety and stress.

Only 42% of employers feel students have proficient professionalism, work ethic, and communication skills upon entering the workforce.

Abre helps your students find community opportunities for internships and job shadowing that can help them develop vital skills for the workplace.

Family engagement is the #1 predictor of student success.

Abre makes it easy to engage families, making students more likely to earn higher grades, graduate from high school, develop greater self-confidence, and have better social skills & classroom behavior.

Individualizing and adapting instruction to K-12 learners' needs, abilities, and interests helps improve learning achievement.

Abre helps students connect with tutors that can give them the tailored attention they need for greater academic success.

55% of parents with children who are English Learners report that they're not receiving the support they need in school.

Abre seamlessly connects students with the ELL support resources they need to succeed.

The proportion of emergency department visits related to mental health crises has increased dramatically for young children and adolescents in the past year.

Abre can connect your students with mental health professionals to help them cope with stress and improve their well-being.

Give everyone the tools they need to succeed in one place.

Abre provides a full suite of comprehensive apps for all your key stakeholders.

Grow partnership reach by connecting partners with more students and families who need them.

  • Dashboards show how many students are signed up for your
    different partner programs
  • Students and families can find the programs most important to their needs and goals
  • Partners can access data (with family permission) to support their efforts

Streamline access to community partner programs for students, educators, and families.

  • Student profiles bring all student information into one place to easily visualize factors influencing success
  • Customizable tags allow you to quickly see partner distribution and ensure alignment with your priorities
  • Connect your students to impactful programs like mental health services

Uncover real-time data insights about your programs’ impact and success.

  • Evaluate which programs best serve your students by pulling in student information from your SIS
  • Reports integrated with student data show the impact of your partner programs
  • Filter data by grade, school year, building, goal, service, partner, and more to show the effects on students in certain data

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Centralize partner management in one place.

“We can give reports to our board to let them know how many of our students across the district are connected to partners and how many partners we have serving across the district. Being able to get exactly what you need instead of filtering through things that don’t pertain to you is amazing.”

— Casey Fisher, Community Partnership Manager

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