Align 100% with CASEL Indicators

Your school needs one solution that does all of SEL – not just one piece of it.


Support the whole child.

Engage all stakeholders and go beyond academics to improve student well-being.

SEL isn’t just for students. Abre supports social emotional learning for teachers, families, and staff too.


  • Robust SEL lessons available to families, staff, and educators
  • A centralized community partner catalog so families and students can easily find and connect with any of your school’s partners
  • Be proactive instead of reactive with instant updates

In addition to supporting SEL curriculum, Abre connects behavior plans, surveys, and community partner programs to get a true student 360.


  • Get the full view of student success with data that provides more context to academics, behavior, and education plans
  • View a comprehensive school- and district-wide picture with reports that compare data sets and analyze trends in performance
  • Quick access to student information – everything you need is in one place

Continuously improve SEL with built-in SSIS strengths and competency assessments for teachers, parents, and students.


  • Monitor progress to know what is and isn’t working
  • Create plans to address identified areas of improvement
  • Encourage productive and positive behaviors from students

Get started today.

Implement an SEL program that supports the whole child – inside and outside the classroom.
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Abre Aligns with 100% of CASEL Indicators

No more single-point solutions. No more quick lessons just to “check the box.”
Abre checks all of them, on one platform.

Abre Aligns with 100% of CASEL Indicators

No more single-point solutions. No more quick lessons just to “check the box.”
Abre checks all of them, on one platform.

Student 360
Explicit SEL Instructioncheck_circlecheck_circlecheck_circle
SEL Integrated with Academic Instructioncheck_circlecheck_circle
Youth Voice & Engagementcheck_circlecheck_circlecheck_circle
Support School & Classroom Climatescheck_circlecheck_circlecheck_circlecheck_circlecheck_circle
Authentic Family Partnershipcheck_circlecheck_circlecheck_circlecheck_circlecheck_circle
Focus on Adult SELcheck_circlecheck_circlecheck_circle
Aligned Community Partnershipscheck_circlecheck_circlecheck_circle
Supportive Disciplinecheck_circlecheck_circle
Systems for Continuous Improvementcheck_circlecheck_circlecheck_circlecheck_circlecheck_circle
Continuum of Integrated Supportscheck_circlecheck_circlecheck_circle


Academics don’t tell the whole story.

Track academics — plus classes, attendance, behavior, extracurriculars, and community partnerships to get a full view of students’ social emotional health.

See How Other Schools Use Abre

“Abre has allowed us to see the whole picture: what that student is doing with their grades, their attendance — even in their behavioral marks.”

Casey Fisher, Cincinnati Public Schools

“Before Abre, we had to print out all the individual student plans, paper after paper. Now it’s all available in real time.”

Melissa Prohaska, Middletown City Schools

“Abre allows you to look at the big picture and connect the dots to help the whole child — that’s what’s really important to us.”

Deb Robison, Miami University Ohio School Wellness Initiative

See how Abre can help your school better support the Whole Child.