Career & Technical Education Solution

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Abre joins businesses and community parters with schools and students to share the learning experience.

The most flexible K12 Administrative Platform for today’s complex learning community.

Support School Staff

Collect, track, and monitor graduation plans. Link students to academic and career programs. Reveal a student’s full potential.

Showcase Student Accomplishments

Discover programs that support college and career goals. Develop a graduation plan. Proudly display talents.

Connect Work-Based Learning Partners

Match students with work-based learning opportunities like internships and apprenticeships. Provide tools to partners for student growth.

Discover What Works

Analyze the impact of partnerships over time.

The most flexible K12 Administrative Platform for today’s complex learning community.

Manage Graduation Pathways and Work-Based Learning

Create and oversee graduation pathways for students. Match students with work-based learning opportunities. Connect business and community partners with students based on their career goals. Bring communication between schools, students, and business partners under one roof.

Access the Full Picture of a Student

View profiles of students interested in work-based opportunities with your business. Gather the tools necessary to create a vibrant workforce. Track student attendance and performance over time.

Create Portfolios & Track Certifications

Contribute to digital portfolios and display workforce-ready certifications. Create and maintain a graduation plan. Upload and attach resumes. Display academic projects and work-based activities.

Gather Insights over Time

Run reports to view which programs are growing. Compare performances between programs. Obtain actionable data to make informed decisions.