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Get all of our DaaS services through each step of your data journey:

Build a solid foundation for your data.

We'll help you determine the exact questions you want to answer with your data so that you're collecting the right information to inform your district goals and strategic plans.

Connect ALL your data in ONE place.

You can't see the whole picture when your data is siloed. Our team will help you connect all your apps and tools in one place (while respecting privacy and compliance), so that your decisions take into account everything that's impacting student success.

Make it easy for all stakeholders to see insights.

We know that data is meaningless if it's not communicated in a way your stakeholders can understand. Our team will help you create visualizations that provide clear insights that you, your staff, your partners, and your families can take action from.

Get a deeper understanding of what's working.

Our team will show you how to layer data from different sources so you can get deeper insights, like how attendance, behavior, and grades are all affecting student well-being. With these insights, you can be more strategic with decisions on where to allocate resources.

Start taking proactive measures.

Our team will help you bring your data to the next level by determining correlation and causation so that you can be more proactive when it comes to helping students succeed.

See how Abre empowers your learning community with data.

Through role-based permissioning, each of your key stakeholders can access the data they need to have a greater impact on student success.

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No need to rip & replace

Abre integrates with all your school's learning apps and tools to bring together data in one place.

  • Student Information Systems

  • Production and Social Apps

  • Third Party Assessments

  • Education Plans

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Why K-12 leaders choose Abre

  • At Cincinnati Public Schools we focus on serving the Whole Child, and Abre has allowed us to see the whole picture: what that student is doing with their grades, their attendance — even in their behavioral marks.

    Casey Fisher | Cincinnati Public Schools

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    What types of decisions can we make with Abre?

    We use a step by step approach to help you grow and improve your data in a sustainable, manageable way. In early stages of this process, you can answer questions based on single sources of data, such as “Which partner programs have the highest participation?” or “What are our assessment scores?”

    As your data gets more sophisticated, we’ll help you layer different sources to answer more complex questions like “Which students are At-Risk and why?” or “Is student wellness impacting academics?”

    With answers to these questions, you can understand what’s working and what’s not, to make more confident decisions in where you invest more resources to support student success.

    How can Abre make our data more organized?

    Abre pulls all of your data into ONE place, eliminating siloed information and allowing stakeholders to see the full picture of a student. Staff and administrators don’t need to log in to several different apps to see the different aspects of student success—it’s all in one easy-to-understand dashboard.

    How quickly and easily can we see a dashboard with our data?

    We’ll get you up and running with an actionable data dashboard within 30 days of starting with Abre.

    Who can access Abre?

    Abre’s mission is to open data and information to the WHOLE learning community. That means not only can your administration team access Abre, but so can partners, families, staff, and students—so everyone has access to the information they need to support student success.

    How much change management is involved?

    Access and permissions are customizable, so you’re in control of how and when you roll out the platform to other stakeholders. We typically work with administrators to get started and ensure they understand the system and data. Then we can work with you to help develop a smooth rollout plan to teachers, other staff members, partners, and families.

    How does Abre ensure that our students’ data is secure?

    Abre complies with FERPA, and we follow industry best practices such as:

    • Secure transit encryption of all data
    • Storage encryption of key data
    • Regular security audits
    • Store data in secure data centers

    What if my district isn't ready for Abre, but the leadership team wants to leverage data visualizations, is that possible?

    Absolutely! Indeed, we specializing in growing with districts and providing the necessary supports to best fit their needs. Starting with data visualizations is a great way to empower leadership with Abre.

    How long has Abre been around?

    Abre’s roots are with a large school in southwest Ohio. Our cofounders started the Abre platform in 2014. In 2018 we started as a company and now serve hundreds of districts globally.