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Performance Matters

Abre is built to connect all data that supports the Whole Child, while Performance Matters focuses more narrowly on assessment scores and academic performance.

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The Breakdown



Integrates with third party apps & data
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Pre-made dashboards provided to get up & running quickly
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Complies with HIPAA & FERPA
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Data is accessible to admin, staff, students, families & partners
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Stakeholders see dashboards customized to their needs
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Native data collection from Abre apps allows for real-time insights
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Dashboards tailored to meet districts’ specific needs
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Unlimited dashboards showing causation & correlation between 2+ data points that can be used to implement educational frameworks like MTSS, RTI, PBIS, and At-Risk
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Dashboards that can be shared with your learning community to easily disseminate information
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Provides DaaS model partnership and guidance
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Data intelligence continually increases and allows you to answer bigger questions about student outcomes
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4 Reasons to Choose Abre Over Performance Matters

Our Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) model means you not only get a platform built by former educators, but the guidance and support needed to maximize it—without having to do any of the setup or data management work yourself.


    A one-stop-shop that consolidates all your sources of data, allowing for real-time insights into the Whole Child.


    Get expert advice on everything from making your data actionable to implementing frameworks like MTSS.


    Data is available to everyone in the learning community. Dashboards and views are customized to what each stakeholder needs to see.


    Abre is highly customizable, and can create reports and dimensional dashboards for your district to ensure you can answer any question you may have about student outcomes.

Finally—we have the ability monitor and track our data all in one place. Before Abre, we had different apps for assessment scores, behavior, and attendance. Now that it’s all in one spot, we can truly understand the needs of the Whole Child.

- MELISSA PROHASKA, Middletown City Schools

Switching from Performance Matters to Abre

We make it easy to start using Abre. Our dedicated team is here to help you confidently move your data into our platform, with minimal disruption to your school.

Export Data

No formatting or organizing needed. Just give us the raw files.

Talk to Our Data Scientists

We'll get together to understand your use cases and determine the most important questions you want to answer with data.

We Import Your Data

We'll do all the heavy technical lifting. After determining your goals and needs, we'll import your data into Abre so you can start using it.


Abre vs. Performance Matters

Do both platforms offer data-as-a-service? How do they take work off my team’s plate?

K-12 Data-as-a-Service (Daas) solutions allow you and your staff to breathe a sigh of relief. They don’t just provide dashboards, they set you on a path to success when it comes to understanding what’s working and what’s not within your district.

Performance Matters does not offer DaaS, so you will likely get stuck at frequent moments in your data journey. You’ll spend more time wrestling with the data and trying to make it fit within platform needs providing you less time taking actionable steps that support student success.

Abre invented DaaS for K-12. As your partner, Abre guides you through developing a solid foundation for your K-12 data and building upon each step to take it to the next level—in a manageable, sustainable way. Abre does the heavy lifting of consolidating your data and making it usable. No matter how messy or raw the data file is, we create formats and data visualizations that are easy to share and understand. You’ll have more capacity to focus on what matters most: your students.

Can student data be easily understood and accessed by all stakeholders on both platforms?

Performance Matters only provides dashboards and login access to staff and admin, while Abre offers access to ALL stakeholders—admin, staff, families, students, and community partners. Unsupported stakeholders cause major disconnects and does not allow the entire learning community to stay informed on students’ progress and support the Whole Child.

Additionally, Abre users utilize a single sign on link for login while Performance Matters users have separate links, potentially leading to confusion.

Which platform is easier to use?

Performance Matters users have reported that the platform is not user-friendly and can be glitchy.

Abre was designed to be an extension of Google for Education, and you’ll find the user experience to be intuitive like Google. With one product for the entire process, getting to actionable data becomes a seamless experience.

Does each stakeholder group get dedicated dashboards?

Performance Matters does not provide dedicated dashboards for different stakeholders. In fact, many key stakeholders—such as families, students, and community partners—have no access to Performance Matters at all.

Abre provides tailored dashboards to each stakeholder group with views like District360, Building360, Class360, and Student360.

Which platform is easier to use?

Performance Matters users have reported that the platform is not user-friendly and can be glitchy.

Abre was designed to be an extension of Google for Education, and you’ll find the user experience to be intuitive like Google. With one product for the entire process, getting to actionable data becomes a seamless experience.

Can you personalize the visualizations for my district?

While Performance Matters has nice visual dashboards, they are stock dashboards—meaning, you’ll get standard dashboards like everyone else that are not tailored or personalized to your school.

Rather than providing you a menu of stock dashboards and data visualizations, our Data-as-a-Service model means Abre partners with you to understand your needs and create dashboards with the exact type of visualizations that you need. Plus, our strategic consultants are experts and former educators. We’ll help you through the entire process and leverage our experience with hundreds of schools across the country.

Can you define "at-risk" students on your own terms?

Performance Matters does not allow districts to define “at-risk” students on their own terms. Users a limited in how they set parameters related to behavior data.

Abre recognizes that “at-risk” students is not a one-size-fits-all definition, and it’s up to the district to define what constitutes an at-risk student. With Abre, districts can track all behavior and academic data points, and give them the agency to define it for themselves.