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Get real-time insights into what's working and what's not with K-12’s #1 modern data solution, Abre.

Basic insights:

How are students in need of tiered interventions performing?

Basic insights:

How did students for Mrs. Harris compare to Mr. Dixon?

Intermediate Insights:

Which students are “At-Risk” due to their grades, attendance, and behavior?


Intermediate Insights:

Is the intervention actually helping with the area the student is “At-Risk”?

Advanced insights:

Is there a correlation between students “At-Risk” in multiple variables, like family logins, social emotional health, and state assessments?

Advanced insights:

Are students who are NOT flagged as “At-Risk” making progress as defined by the district’s Portrait of a Graduate?

Platform and partner, all in one.

Abre handles the heavy lifting—from identifying data sources, to determining what questions you want to answer, to making it all work, we're your partner every step of the way. That's how Abre does Data-as-a-Service (DaaS).

Confidence in your data every step of the way... to improve student outcomes.

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